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At the beach

I was looking forward to a sunny day at the beach. Lying on a beach bed in the sun. Maybe a dip in the sea…. Well, I was ready but the sun wasn’t. We went for a stroll instead, on the beach and with my feet in the water.

After a great lunch we left. On our way back the rain came pouring down!

It wasn’t what I imagined but still had a lovely day!

Dress Zara
Bag Betty Blue

Annette fixing her hair
Annette looking out over the sea
Annette standing in swirling water
Annette standing in swirling water
Dress Zara
Dress Zara
Beachbag Betty blue
Beachbag Betty Blue

Betty Blue

To celebrate my good friend Gerrit’s birthday we went to Amsterdam for coffee and cake.
He knew that this place recently opened and thought it would be nice to have the celebration there. It has an urban vibe, it could have been us sitting in New York or Paris.
The pastry’s are very good so be sure to go and visit Betty Blue and indulge!


(Photos from iPhone.)