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From another life

Looking for shoes to post I stumbled upon this little setting from january 2010. Way back when there was a cosy carpet and a fabulous red Ikea chair (no longer in production) in our living room. And Annettes shoes left behind because she took them off and rose out of the chair to do something else, maybe pat the cat or start dinner, I don’t remember.

Annettes shoes - photo by Joeri van Veen (2010)
Annettes shoes – photo by Joeri van Veen (2010)


Like most women I have a thing for shoes. My good friend Joeri, who takes the photos for this blog as well, noticed this and started a series called “Annettes shoes” a few years ago. He’s constantly asking me to borrow my shoes for his project. So we thought it would be cool / fun to make a theme post reoccuring on my blog. He gets the artistic freedom to make an image with shoes I already have and new ones. As long as he returns them in one piece.

So, this means I have to shop for shoes… all for the blog of course ;-)

To kick the theme off I thought it would be nice to feature my long-time favourite nasty-winter-weather-companions: my Hunter boots.

Hunter boots
Hunter boots – photo by Joeri van Veen (2010)